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WARP : Wind Amplified Rotor Platforms

A revolutionary new windpower generating technology that may be adding a different face and footprint to this rapidly growing renewable energy source is on the brink of commercial introduction. The new technology WARP™ - Wind Amplified Rotor Platform - developed, and recently patented internationally by ENECO of West Simsbury, Connecticut, is now at the point of licensing and/or commitment in various fields-of-use and geographic locations around the world.

WARP was developed by ENECO's founder, Alfred L. Weisbrich, an aeronautical engineer with many years experience in advanced rotors for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. He was also involved in the development of large conventional and vertical axis wind turbines for the aerospace industry, including the first vertical axis turbine at Kaman Aerospace for Sandia Laboratories, and the development of the world's largest capacity 4,000 kilowatt turbines for the U.S. Department of Energy/NASA.

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ENECO Mission: To provide to its clients the most advanced, versatile and competitive wind/solar power technology and intellectual property in its class under license and joint venture option.

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